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Terri Norvell is a change agent, trusted leadership coach and business advisor for entrepreneurial organizations and associations. She is also a dynamic, engaging keynoter who inspires and aligns teams.
Murray is a seasoned corporate training and business growth expert with over 25 years experience in delivering workplace learning solutions, facilitation, and providing business advice that gets results. He is a visionary, a strategic thinker, and a proven business leader.

What It Takes to Create Sustainable Business Growth

This podcast episode is a panel discussion with Terry Norvell, founder, and president of The Inner Prize, Inc, and Murray Janewski, the founder and president of Act One International Corp. Terry and Murray are sharing their deep experience in not only growing their businesses but also helping other organizations create sustainable growth using The Stages of Growth model.

What you will learn:

  • Secret to success

  • Introduction to The Seven Stages Growth Model

  • The Fundamental Rules of business growth

  • What are the Hidden Agents that stifle business growth

  • How to assess where your business is at on the growth curve

  • What are Non-Negotiable Rules in each stage of growth

What It Takes to Create Sustainable Business GrowthTerri Norvell and Murray Robert Janewski
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Ways to contact
Terri Norvell, BBA and Murray Janewski, MBA

Terri Norvell

Phone: 303.475.5456



Murray Robert Janewski

Phone: 403.542.7056



Terri Norvell

LinkedIn: terrinorvell

Facebook: terrinorvell

Twitter: terrinorvell

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