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What's the difference and which do I need?


While consulting focuses on your organization's needs and the relative solutions, coaching focuses on the people inside of your company and how to equip them with the skills and tools to make the organization succeed. At the end of the day, success won't come without both.

At ThriveVance, we focus on a blended approach, contemporaneously providing consulting services while offering coaching programs to you or multiple members of your organization, facilitating the development of your human capital to support the results we create together. Through consulting, we evaluate and assess the specific landscape of your company and industry while focusing on targeted areas in line with your strategic objectives, underpinning our efforts to grow, enhance, launch, or reorganize as you see fit.

Areas of Focus


We foster radical reinvention to find new, significant, and sustainable sources of revenue, aiming to achieve full expected value of digital initiatives for our clients. Our experience indicates that the full value of technology and becoming digital requires a carefully coordinated approach to discovering what your digital ambition is as it relates to the value you seek. We design programs that target profitable journeys; delivering the change through an ecosystem of partners and platforms; and mitigating operational and financial risk by adequately structuring the change model.

Technology and digital trends are transforming the business environment.

We'll discover where the real value exists for you and together, we’ll then capture it 

  What do I want to achieve by digitizing? 

Does my existing business model support the requirements for digital transformation or do I need to invest in forming a new business model?  

What areas of my business should I digitize that will give me the highest payoff? 

Which one of the new technologies will help my business to help me reduce operational cost, generate higher revenue, and gain higher market share? 

How can I manage the risks by prioritizing the moving parts? 

How can I compete against digital disruptors?


We work with you to build experiences that help grow and sustain high-performing organization

We clarify each role within a company and then help design the organizational structure that best supports each function. To sustain success, we build the skills at all levels of the organization. With our help clients understand the most difficult issues and questions relating to transformations such as becoming more customer-centric; establishing structures and processes to better link marketing with the rest of the business; boosting efficiency and effectiveness, and capitalizing on emerging market and digital marketing opportunities. Our outside perspective helps provide unbiased viewpoints, and our collaborative style helps minimize potential conflict.


Our experience leading multifaceted marketing and sales transformations helps clients get things in the right order, identify and fund the project as they go along, and build the know-how they need in a synchronized and sustainable way. Our thorough analysis is grounded in detailed performance metrics that link back to the company’s financial and management systems. Our collaboration with clients is focused on four primary modes:

| Clarifying the role of marketing and sales

We define what role marketing and sales play within the organization before evaluating how best to tie it with other areas of the business to achieve strategic goals. After considering which of the company’s activities should be retained in the marketing group, and which elsewhere, we help define the key roles accordingly.

| Making marketing to have no borders

We work with clients and their teams to energize the entire organization, from finance to operations, to engage their customers across thriving and interactive channels.

| Designing the optimal organizational model

We help companies design and structure their organizations to best support the strategic objectives of the business as a whole. We enable better efficiency and performance by identifying and either repurposing or eliminating less essential activities. Collaborating with our clients, we help build a clear understanding of what each department “owns”—and which activities reside elsewhere in the business.

| Building competencies for performance

We help clients build necessary skills grounded in the precise leadership, behavioral, management, and technical systems, and help drive change at the front line, working collaboratively at all levels and across all functions of the organization, including more usually skeptical employees, such as front-line sales.


At ThriveVance, our approach to sales transformations includes how and to whom companies sell their products and services, the channels they use, and the back-office operations that support these efforts. Where necessary and appropriate, we also help clients address specific challenges in their go-to-market strategy, sales-force effectiveness, key-account management, and other relevant areas. 


Let us help you make lasting improvements to the effectiveness of your sales teams, processes, and interactions with customers across all channels to drive sales growth


Our approach extends from quick targeted mediation that reveals to more holistic sales transformations focused on structure, execution, and skill-building opportunities across the client's entire go-to-market model.

Cutting sales costs without losing revenue is both art and science. We collaborate with clients to gain transparency on the performance of sales organizations’ mix while identifying potential improvement areas and tangible ways to achieve them.

Optimize return on sales investments (ROI)

Find and capture hidden opportunities for organic growth

Nearly every company with a customer base that is scattered amongst segments, and a large number of sales transactions, has significant likelihood for organic growth if it looks at the opportunities with right level of detail. We help clients take a granular view by geography, industry segment, and offerings to find the unseen opportunities for growth, then shape the strategies and tactics needed to capture them.

Align sales channels

In today’s multi-channel market, customers are constantly moving across all channels to shop for what they want. We help companies form effective sales strategies in all channels from retail, to key-account management, to digital sales, to indirect channel partners. 

Focus on high-performing sales teams

We help build essential skills in the organization by providing innovative, hands-on programs that include focused performance conversations, train-the-trainer skills building, and a people and process focused approach for sales managers that combines classroom and on-the-job learning. 

What else?

That was just a taste! Examples of additional ThriveVance focus areas include:

Risk Management  |  Reporting & Analytics   |   Operations  |  Strategy Development |   Productivity & Sustainability

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