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About ThriveVance


ThriveVance is a business consulting and development firm that serves businesses and non-governmental organizations throughout the U.S. and abroad.​ With our help, ​our clients achieve sustainable improvements in their performance and achieve​ their seemingly unattainable ​goals. ​A combination of ​firm's 50+​ years of collective business​ experience and use of the ​most up-​to-​date techniques and methodologies ensure that ​our clients ​will Thrive and Advance to the next level of success.


Who We Are

​At the core ThriveVance is a strong set of values focused on client impact. Founder and CEO, Dr. Shohreh Aftahi brings years of experience, skills and trainings that create the most effective results for our clients.

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Our unique approach to consulting, which includes a strong emphasis on mentorship and development creates sustainable results that expand far past consulting effort​s​, and​ ensure that each client gain​s ​the skills ​required ​to sustain the changes ​and improvements​ sought​ as part of their engagement with ThriveVance.



Driven by Knowledge

ThriveVance's efforts are based on our clients’ organizational context, culture, dynamics, and needs​,​ as well as the macroeconomic reality of the ​given ​sector.

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​For each market sector, ​we ensure exhaustive research to identify and implement ​best practice​s and specific preferences for each client. With this knowledge, ​ThriveVance is equipped ​and eager ​to support clients ​in achieving​ nothing short of maximum results.

Dr. Shohreh Aftahi, Founder/CEO

Shohreh R Aftahi, Ph.D. is a long-established business expert who embodies ‘Leadership in Action.’  Her expertise in business advancement, revenue growth, and strategy development & implementation has allowed her to achieve transformational results for some of the largest corporations in the United States. Shohreh founded ThriveVance keeping in mind companies with 500 or fewer employees that want to achieve transformational and sustainable growth.

Shohreh brings more than three decades of “in the trenches” experience to her business consulting practice.  Leveraging this valuable knowledge base, Shohreh helps her clients achieve more in less time than traditional approaches. She is known for her dynamic, practical, street-savvy style, which she blends with her real-world experience to connect with each and every client.  She then employs her strong communication skills to bring out the best in her clients – both professionally and personally.

Powered by situational focus, decisiveness, positive thinking, and strong personal charisma, Shohreh is an innovative coach for serious-minded achievers.  Shohreh focuses on improving the efficiency, effectiveness, and output of her clients’ business teams, while passionately helping them to increase productivity and renew their personal work/life balance.

Shohreh holds an MBA and a Ph.D. in Business Management/Leadership; and holds multiple certifications in behavioural science & 7 Stages of Growth X-Ray (TM)


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