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ThriveVance is a certified Woman-Owned Small Buesiness (WOSB) management consulting, learning & development firm that provides services to organizations and governmental agencies worldwide. Our primary aim is to assist our clients in achieving sustainable improvements in their performance and reaching their seemingly unattainable goals by addressing the challenges they face in keeping employees engaged, improving leadership, and managing change. Our firm's 50+ years of collective business experience, combined with the most up-to-date techniques and methodologies, ensures our clients can thrive and advance to the next level of success.

Who We Are

ThriveVance is a company firmly rooted in a set of values that are dedicated to creating a positive impact for its clients. Dr. Shohreh Rostami-Aftahi, the founder and CEO, leverages her years of experience, skills, and training to ensure the most effective results for our clients.

The company's unique approach to consulting strongly emphasizes mentorship and development, resulting in sustainable outcomes that extend beyond the consulting efforts. This approach ensures that each client acquires the necessary skills to maintain the changes and improvements achieved during their engagement with ThriveVance

Dr. Shohreh Rostami Aftahi, Founder/CEO

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Shohreh Rostami-Aftahi, Ph.D., is an experienced business expert who embodies the principles of 'Leadership in Action'. Her expertise in business advancement, revenue growth, strategy development, and implementation has allowed her to achieve transformational results for some of the largest corporations in the United States. Shohreh founded ThriveVance with the goal of helping private, corporate, and government organizations achieve transformational and sustainable growth.

With over three decades of practical experience, Shohreh brings a wealth of knowledge to her business consulting practice. By leveraging this valuable knowledge base, Shohreh helps clients achieve more in less time than traditional approaches. She is known for her dynamic, practical, street-smart style, which she blends with her real-world experience to connect with every client. 

Shohreh holds an MBA and a Ph.D. in Business Management/Leadership and multiple behavioral science certifications, 7 Stages of Growth X-Ray (TM), and Integrative Enneagram 2.0.

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