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Shohreh Aftahi

We are passionate about enabling the execution, culture, and mindset of high performance.


  • We DELIVER KEYNOTE EXPERIENCES that inspire leadership, improve performance, and build teamwork and trust

  • We INSPIRE CULTURE that encourages gratitude, positivity, and focused action


How we do it


We believe that excellent potential for performance lives within every individual and organization. The inspiration our keynote speaking provides, supported by experience, enables people to close the performance gap and transform energy into focused action.


PURPOSE Our ability to deliver extraordinary results is driven by a belief in ideas and ideals bigger than ourselves. Achieving the highest levels of performance requires prevailing belief not only in oneself but one's team. In part, one plays in the bigger picture, and in something outside of oneself that inspires greatness.

PROCESS We teach a proven method of leadership and teamwork that focuses potential energy on results. Your goals become our goals, and we harness inspiration to achieve them. We always connect our services to outcomes. 

IMPACT Our keynote speaker's energy, and positive attitude inspires individuals, teams and whole organizations to make a difference – in their business and even in their lives. Our passion and genuine enthusiasm galvanize action and deliver results.


Dr. Shohreh R Aftahi an alumnus of Capella School of Business, a top-rated leadership keynote speaker and an expert in the "how" of high-performance teams. Her exciting, extraordinary journey inspires awe, triggering keynote audiences to take action and rethink what they believe is possible. Shohreh employs those emotional realities as a metaphor to motivate teams and individuals to reach their highest potential while empowering organizations to sustain excellence under dynamic change.


Breakout sessions:

Work with us to create a breakout session focused on teamwork and leadership that aligns with your event and organizational objectives. Making the leadership framework practical to teams' everyday lives is critical in going from inspiration to implementation. Going more in-depth than the keynote.


Focused keynote topics:

High Performance and Culture of Excellence

High Performance is a mindset, a process and a state of being that accelerate daily performance and achievement. Individuals and teams that adopt High-Performance start a journey toward excellence and superior execution with the power to surpass expectations.



Organizational excellence is built on a solid foundation of collaboration. Every team member, from the frontline to the leadership, is held to the same standards of excellence. Unified alignment collapses barriers, and creates a dominant culture of action.



Character, authenticity, compassion, strength, trust: performance flows from powerful leadership. Our approach to leadership is unique and inspires trust through confidence, with open and honest communication. Every team member is expected to be a leader to achieve anticipated results.


Innovation and Performance in Transformation

In the digital age, innovation and transformation surround us. Engaging with advances mid-stream requires a unique mindset. How do you perform and innovate at the same time? And once you've arrived, how do you sustain that change?


Elevated Beliefs and Raising Performance Expectations

People and teams operate at the level of their beliefs. When we raise the level of those beliefs, performance will follow. A simple self-reflection on limiting and liberating beliefs can create new alignment and precision in individuals and teams.

Let us help your business today. Contact us now to start your journey.

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