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Jack Roldan, Founder & CEO

See Deep Consulting

Jack Roldan is the owner and founder of See Deep, a disruptive reputation management, data collection and full-stack agency creating differentiating customer experiences. From the beginning of mobile data and the anywhere workplace with nearly two decades of telecommunications experience, to the injection of artificial intelligence into See Deep’s Sonar 2020 platform, he has been an early adopter and innovator in the Digital Revolution.

Making Tomorrow's Insights Available Today

Is your marketing keeping up with digital-centric consumer behaviors? Jack Roldan helps us understand how modern marketing is powered by data, scaled by automation, and optimized by analytics. Jack gives us great best practices and tools to be more effective in managing our online presence and reputation.

What you will learn:

  • Starting Point & goal setting for digital Strategy

  • Customer Experience & Managing your Online Reputation

  • The right Strategy & the Right foundation for creating traction and conversion

  • Tools to Manage Brand Online

  • The Recipe for Digital Transformation

Making Tomorrow's Insights Available TodayJack Roldan
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Jack Roldan

Social Media:

Facebook: @SeeDeepConsulting

Twitter: @SeeDeepConsulting

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