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Capitain Mark E Brouker, Pharm D, MBA - United States Navy (Retired)

Founder/President Brouker Leadership Solutions

Captain Brouker is a thought leader, sought after keynote speaker, professor, historian, executive coach, author and proven leader. Recipient of numerous military and civilian leadership awards, he served in an array of leadership positions during and after his naval career, including 15 years in the C-suite. Captain Brouker served as Commanding Officer at one of the largest naval hospitals worldwide. He also served as Chief of Staff for Navy Medicine West, responsible for 10 hospitals spanning the West Coast to the Indian Ocean and healthcare for 800,000 patients. In this position, he provided executive coaching for 10 Commanding Officers.

Lessons from the Navy: Reframing the Art of Leadership to Achieve Organizational Success

In this special episode, US Navy Captain (retired), Commanding Officer, Award-winning global leadership speaker, University professor, and Executive coach, Mark Brouker reveals the leadership tactics that have transformed company cultures. Tactics that have generated success—from the battlefield to the boardroom —by focusing on the single pillar of leadership that is most often overlooked: trust.

Mark shares leadership techniques and the lessons of his military experience that empower leaders to actively build trust with their teams—enabling them to boost morale, enhance productivity, and strive for success. You find detail and step by step process Mark shares in his upcoming book that will be published in November on Amazon and is available to pre-order titled; “Lessons from the Navy: How to Earn Trust, Lead Teams, and Achieve Organizational Excellence.”

What you will learn:

  • What do great leaders have in common?

  • What do influential leaders do?

  • Accountability & Leadership

  • Optimism & Leadership.

  • Reframing the art of leadership

Lessons from the Navy: Reframing the Art of Leadership to Achieve Organizational Success Mark Brouker
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Mark Brouker, Pharm D, MBA

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