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Laurie Taylor, MBA -Founder/President

Flash Point! LLC

Laurie Taylor is a business growth specialist. Her extensive experience in all aspects of running a $12 million company is brought into play when working with solopreneurs as well as companies with hundreds of employees. Laurie utilizes a model called the 7 Stages of Growth which identifies different stages of growth a business moves through as it adds employees. She is also the founder of the Growth Curve Specialist program and has trained over 200 business consultants and executive coaches on this unique model. Laurie is currently writing a series of books on each those 7 stages of growth.

Journey from Reluctant Entrepreneur to Successful Business Leader

Laurie Taylor, owner and President of Flashpoint LLC shares how to leverage business insights to succeed in building and running a successful business. Laurie talks about challenges and triumphs she has experienced in building and operating two different companies and the CEOs she works with today.

You’ll discover: 

  • Have a Plan for success

  • The recipe for success

  • Dealing with complexity that growth brings along

  • Growth model for small businesses with 500 Or fewer employees

  • Creating alignment through the language of growth

  • Impact of Employees on Growth

Journey from Reluctant Entrepreneur to Successful Business LeaderLaurie Taylor
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