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Employee Engagement and Culture Change Solutions

The workplace has changed from technology disruptors to the rise of remote work and the need for greater agility. But the measure of what makes a great workplace hasn't.

The best workplace is one that cares for its employees and then positions employee engagement as the catalyst for improving important business outcomes. Start considering your organization's employee engagement strategies today.

Business Office Meeting

The Success of Your Business Strategy Hinges on Employee Engagement

Remember this: employee engagement is a foundational component of workplace outcomes. If you want to talk about well-being, leadership development, and performance (and more), you also have to talk about employee engagement. Why? Because every conversation a manager has with an employee affects their engagement -- and engaged employees perform better, which differentiates you from your competitors. To drive real change within your teams, and to move the needle on the business metrics that matter, learn more about employee engagement in your organization.

Employee Engagement is defined as the involvement and enthusiasm of employees in their work and workplace.

Building Highly Effective Teams

"A team is not just a group of individuals who work together. Rather, a team is a group of people who have built a strong foundation of trust and mutual respect." As Simon Sinek says, trust is the key ingredient for building a successful team.


Discovering Team Effectiveness is a process that explores team members' unique preferences and styles. This helps to identify how a team collaborates and how it aligns with each individual's preferred work style. A team's effectiveness is primarily determined by how the team communicates, prioritizes, motivates each other, and overcomes obstacles.

Since most organizations operate based on a team structure, examining how a team functions and what factors affect its performance is essential. The ultimate goal of this process is to foster positive, healthy, and effective teams that promote enhanced productivity, employee engagement, and well-being.

How ThriveVance works with you 

Global organizations are reshaping to cater to a dynamic and demanding marketplace – and that means reinventing themselves to operate as networks of teams to keep pace with the challenges of a fluid, unpredictable world. That’s why high performance is non-negotiable for successful organizations.

Beginning with self-and-other-awareness, we help people understand why they choose to work the way they do, why others may make different choices, and what that might mean for the team's overall effectiveness.

By applying this understanding, we help people build better relationships with their colleagues at work. Where relationships improve, so do many things fundamental to team success, including productivity, communication, clarity of role and purpose, and overall team effectiveness. By improving thousands of interpersonal interactions across your teams every day, the impact begins to be felt organization-wide almost immediately.

“Given the relationship between … teamwork and crucial business outcomes -- such as productivity, profitability and customer perceptions of service quality -- teams hold the keys to organizational health.”  - Gallup

What does it look like?

When we work with teams, we start with self-awareness. By helping each team member understand their own personal style, how their colleagues prefer to work, and what that might mean for the team, we're making the learning uniquely personal and applicable right from the start.

Organizations formed around great teams have increased employee performance, greater productivity, and better problem-solving at work.

We’ll work with your teams to take their performance from good to great by getting to the heart of what's affecting their performance. Because when great teamwork is central to your organizational culture, business success is much more likely to follow.

Employee Experience

The employee experience is the journey an employee takes with your organization. It includes every interaction along the employee life cycle, plus the experiences involving an employee's role, workspace, manager, and well-being

With the right employee experience strategy, you can boost your ability to attract, engage, and develop high-performing employees.

ThriveVance’s Employee Experience Practice helps you align your employees' experiences with your company's purpose, brand, and culture so every interaction they have with you is authentic and sustainable, inspiring employee commitment and improving your company's performance.

Focus on human experiences over processes

Most talent management strategies default to process improvement and transactional care of people. But we emphasize using human behavior insights to bring out the best in people and truly optimize your business performance through talent. To show the difference, here are three employee experience examples:

A new employee might be happy about a quick and smooth hiring process. But getting hired by a company that understands what you do best and then selects you for a role where you have the natural talent -- it's an experience that boosts confidence and success.

Easy Hiring Process vs. True

Job Fit

An employee might be able to recite your company's mission. But when they understand their contribution to your mission, they work with a purpose, which becomes an experience supporting their engagement over time. 

Knowing the Mission vs. Connecting With the Mission

Nice Manager vs. Great


When an employee has an excellent manager, it's a bonus. But when they have a great manager who cares for them and knows how to coach them -- it's an experience that enhances productivity and passion.

Culture Transformation

Culture is a force multiplier for the outcomes that matter most to you -- and when properly harnessed, it becomes a powerful differentiator for your organization. ThriveVane’s Culture Transformation solutions are as unique as your organization, helping you capture the principal reason your company exists and using it to drive performance, engagement, brand awareness, and more.


A robust and purpose-driven culture has increased these key performance metrics for our clients:


  • 53-point increase in employee engagement over three years

  • 27% Growth in the workforce over three years

  • 83% net profit increase over five years

  • 152% Improvement in customer experience over five years

We help you craft your aspirational state through a Culture Audit

Our Culture Audit Survey is the starting point for achieving your aspirational culture

A Culture Audit is a systematic approach to understanding the current state of an organization’s culture and creating a roadmap to achieve a desired future state. ThriveVance helps organizations use culture audits to drive performance through:

  • Identifying cultural attributes

  • Measuring the prevalence of key cultural indicators

  • Assessing the organization’s ability to reinforce culture

  • Ensuring that cultural attributes drive business outcomes

Let us help your business today. Contact us now to start your journey

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