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An assessment and development tool that helps you fulfill the promise of your coaching and consulting practices

What is the biggest threat to the success of your coaching and consulting with clients?

Is it your content? Or your delivery? Is it the company's environment?

It's actually none of those.

It's  the existing habits that people already have, related to the skills you're helping them improve.

If there is no follow-up practice adn coacing once people have been introduced to new skills, the odds of them actually applying them on the job are almost ZERO.

We know. We've been there. We understand the frustration you feel when you deliver outstanding coaching or training and later find out that participants don't use the skills back on the job.

Coaching On-Demand, powered by Strong for Performance* is an assessment and

development tool that helps you create lasting changes in behavior, achieving the ROI your clients expect.

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How will YOU benefit from Coaching On-Demand?

Increase your revenue and leverage your time

  • Create a new profit center for your business. Generate more revenue without having to increase 1:1 face time.

  • Expand your executive coaching engagement and your Impact.  Offer a powerful tool and process that can be used to develop all levels of leaders within an organization - at an attractive cost to the client with minimal additional time required from you.

  • Supplement your current coaching practice with additional resources that deliver even more value to your clients. Save hours of time by offering content you don't have to create.

  • Customize the program. assign topics that are appropriate for a specifc client, and reveal more topics as appropriate. Add your own content in addition to ours.

How will your CLIENTS benefit from Coaching On-Demand?

Improve leadership skills and results through others

  • Become a more Effective Leader. Gain new tools and confidence to break through limitations, as well as skills to energize, persuade, inspire adn connect with their employees, clients, and everyone in their life.

  • Build Capability. L​earn skills, practices, and tools that allow them to master their domain, prioritize their efforts towards maximum results and get more out of their time.

  • Become a Strategist. Learn how the best business minds strategize and develop a path to realize strategy consistently.

  • Achieve Goals. Acquire more energy, more vitality, and more accountability to stay committed for real results, and start living the life they desire.

  • Anticipate Change. Become the master of their emotions. Tap into courage, strength, passion, and confidence to always stay on top of their game.

  • Become a Disruptor. Harness innovation to stay ahead of their competitors.

How does it work?

Depending on the focus of your practice, you can use this powerful platform for:

  • Executive Coaching. Complement the one-on-one coaching sessions you're doing with executives. An excellent way to stay in touch and hold them accountable between formal coaching session.

  • Group Coaching. Expand your reach and impact by offering a more economical option for mid-level managers, superiors and emerging leaders.

  • Coaching On-Demand, literally. Offer to individual larders or business owners who may be cash-strapped yet want to work with a coach on an annual contract. Beyond the initial intake session, they can schedule follow-on 15 minute sessions only after they've completed the assignment from the previous session.

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