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Telecommunications Company

At ThriveVance, we help businesses create dynamic job descriptions that include each role's primary responsibilities, behaviors, and skills. We help our clients rigorously define what great looks like, and companies establish a benchmark against which they can recruit internally and externally.

Lynne, the CSO of a leading telecom company, engaged us in redefining what great looks like for them, benchmarking the roles, and identifying the behaviors and competencies required to succeed in the job. In determining what great looks like in this company, it was crucial to understand the changes in the industry created by the smartphone market. Hence, the company's leaders realized they needed to shift the retail operating model from pushing equipment sales to emphasizing customer confidence and service. They trained, coached, and encouraged employees to adopt new mindsets and behaviors to achieve this transformation.

They also created a new role in each retail store focused on boosting the customer experience. We developed a profile of what greatness would look like in that role using behavioral science and customer survey data. Then, using behavioral assessments, we assessed their 3800 employees to discover critical capability gaps, identifying employees with the potential to succeed in that role and designing training modules to help them develop critical skills and behaviors.

They upgraded their recruiting practices to use an interactive tool to screen over 15,000 job applicants a month without human involvement. Using an online platform, candidates respond to a series of scenarios likely encountered on the job, which has led to hiring more qualified employees. As a result, it has enabled store managers to spend less time dealing with employee issues, allowing more presence on the floor serving customers. These initiatives have helped save over $5 million in operating costs and

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