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One of our clients in the manufacturing industry that has grown from a small company to a giant in the industry provides an excellent example. James, the CEO of this organization, spearheaded an extensive digital transformation focused on modernizing technology, the use of data, and processes to improve performance and support a customer-centric culture.

James and his team knew that to be successful, the company had to extract the maximum possible value from its accumulative data set. They broke down historical data verticals at the company, created an integrated data lake, and converted the raw data into usable customer insights, which traditionally required significantly more analysts than the company had or could realistically recruit and hire. To fill the gap, we looked at the current employees' skill sets, moved them into broader data analyst positions, and trained them in several essential new skills, such as predictive analytics.


Additionally, we helped them realize that they needed to shift their marketing capabilities, focus, and talent from traditional avenues to digital channels. We used assessment tools to identify the members of its existing marketing organization with the most significant potential to succeed in digital marketing roles. We also invested in training programs to provide them with the knowledge and skills to thrive in the new positions.


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