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OD/360 Assessment & TriMetrix HD


Leadership Competencies and Skills

In 2016, the CEO of a company asked us to conduct a fact-finding meeting with the president and senior VP of HR to develop a plan to help the president become a more effective leader.

The Solution:

We facilitated a TriMetrix HD assessment to determine the president's inherent behaviors and values, followed by an OD/360 survey. After reviewing the assessment and 360 data, we assigned an executive coach to coach the president weekly to determine whether he had the aptitude to improve his leadership competencies.

The ODS/360 survey showed that employees were unhappy with the president's leadership style. The executive coach helped the president to soften his style and regain the respect of his fellow executives.


The Results:

Within three months, the president underwent a complete transformation, and the CEO was thrilled with the breakthrough. We created a leadership program for the company in which executives undergo a TriMetrix HD assessment to determine their strengths and areas for improvement and a six-month coaching program to become better leaders. This program has been very successful, and the company is committed to using assessments and the leadership program.


The organizational realignment process is rewarding, but it takes time to fix. It is possible to turn someone lacking self-awareness into a self-actualized leader who can change people's lives, companies, and futures.

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