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In the fall of 2015, when a hospitality group was trying to solve a specific and short-term problem, the COO of a hotel chain approached ThriveVance to help with a problem they were facing. The company had recently opened a new hotel with many talented internal candidates interested in promotion. However, selecting only one of them for the role would be difficult, and it could demoralize those not chosen for the position and make them feel like they had missed out on an opportunity for growth.

The COO recognized the importance of maintaining employee morale and partnered with ThriveVance to ensure that every qualified candidate felt they were fairly considered for the position, regardless of the final decision.


Partnering with ThriveVance, the company began by assessing each applicant by completing a TriMetrix® HD and EQ assessment. Using the data from the assessment results and the results of the job assessment that identified the qualities, behaviors, values, and competencies required to succeed in this position, they identified the best candidate to hire.

During this process, a secondary opportunity for growth emerged. The data revealed areas of improvement for all candidates, indicating their potential for future advancements when the organization requires additional leaders. We shared this insight with the COO, fostering optimism about the organization's future leadership. 

The COO, valuing the other candidates' potential, approved the development program's implementation. The program included:

  • One-to-one coaching

  • Business simulation training

  • Workshops

  • Training for 12 months 


Since working with ThriveVance over the past few years, the COO has seen a tremendous shift in how the company hires, develops, and grows talented employees across the board. This experience changed the hiring and development process and is a part of organizational DNA. The organization slowly started to shift toward a clear understanding of leadership and personal responsibility for each person’s development and growth.

The COO was able to hire the best candidate for the director role, and most importantly, he could clearly articulate why this person was the best candidate due to the Job Benchmarking process. 

The organization experienced deeper employee engagement due to its approach to hiring and the development opportunities offered to each, which prepared them better for advancement as the organization experienced growth. 

The assessments have been instrumental in developing a mentor program where high potentials are paired with leadership to accelerate their careers.

The COO contributes to the company’s growth through the hiring and development program that was implemented. This organization is now the largest 100% employee-owned hospitality company in America, with 52 properties, eight in development, and about 2,500 employees.

The assessments have brought a new level of clarity to everyone in this organization.  They view human capital more clearly, shaping their philosophies and strategies. 


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