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A Telecommunication company with 340 employees in their call center was experiencing a high turnover at 80 percent for customer service representatives, a much higher percentage than the national average of 50 percent in the United States. The hourly pay rate at the call centers was about $12 per hour. The cost of turnover to replace a customer service representative was $17,000 each. With 340 representatives at 80% annual turnover cost the company $4,624,000

The Solution

The company's Chief Human Resources Officer hired ThriveVance to provide a solution to reduce turnover. After reviewing and assessing the company's hiring practices, we facilitated and implemented a job benchmarking process that completely revamped the Customer Service Representative's job description to highlight the skills, experience, aptitudes, and behaviors required to succeed in this job, as well as the screening, interview, and hiring processes.


A year later, the call center's turnover was reduced by 50%, saving the company $2,312,000 annually, which is a 967% return on investment. 


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