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Assessments & Surveys

Are you looking to improve your company's hiring process and employee development? If so, then employee assessment tests may be the solution you've been searching for. By utilizing these tests, you can effectively evaluate candidates and broaden your talent pool, leading to more successful hires and vigorous employee development.


However, implementing employee assessment tests can be a challenging task. That's why we are here to guide and help you every step of the way. With our comprehensive information and expert guidance, you can be sure to implement these tests effectively and see the results you desire.

Cheerful Business Meeting

Transform Potential into Great Performance

Completely Revitalize How Your Organization Powers Its People

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360 Surveys - Realign Organizational Dynamics


People-First Values

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940% ROI

Company Experiences

Reduce Turnover & Increase Profitability

Employee Morale, Leadership Program


EQ Training

Job-Benchmarking and Employee Onboarding

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Job-Benchmarking Strategies

Employee Hiring and Engagement policies

Increase Engagment, Double Prifits


The world's best Enneagram test

13 years of continuous research and development has resulted in the most scientifically accurate and technically robust personality typing tool on the market.

Using an adaptive, intelligent questionnaire that integrates the art and science of self-discovery and transformation—we go beyond the traditional ideas about leadership. Through a comprehensive analysis of your personality and ingrained behaviors, iEQ9 provides valuable insights and allows you to gain greater leadership awareness. And it works—the iEQ9 Assessment has a proven 95% accuracy rate.

Find the strongest expression of your leadership style

The Enneagram has proven to be one of the most powerful tools for leadership development. Whether you run your own business or play a key role in the corporate world, the Integrative Enneagram will equip you with the self-knowledge and tools to enhance your leadership skills and maximize your leadership potential.


Leverage your authentic leadership style with the iEQ9 Professional Enneagram Report

iEQ9 goes beyond traditional, limited ideas about leadership; rather, it provides personal maps to self-awareness and growth. Identify and enhance your strengths by means of a unique development path.

Improve your career effectiveness and ability to work well with others

Increase self-confidence.

Unlock your power and improve overall happiness

Boost productivity,

effectiveness and motivation

Build leadership authenticity, presence and impact

Hone your Leadership Skills

The Enneagram encompasses nine diverse archetypes of leadership rather than a single style or assumption of what good leadership looks like. It is more than a profile of traits and behaviors, as it delves deeper into the motivations, defenses, and fears that lie in the often-unconscious area of our personality.


One-size-fits-all is not our approach to leadership—rather, we encourage and support leaders to find their strongest possible expression of their own unique leadership style.

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More than simply a personality tool: it’s a model for development

Our assessment doesn’t just stop at revealing your personality type: completing your questionnaire unlocks an in-depth report specifically tailored to you, along with resources and tools for leadership growth and development, access to personalized coaching, and ongoing support to help you on your journey toward self-improvement

The Inegrative Enneagram enables you to identify and resolve issues such as:

  • Emotional, psychological, and interpersonal effectiveness

  • Productivity losses because of team conflict

  • Resistance to chagne, resilience and change readiness

  • Career development and transition

  • Professional DEvelopment Roadmap and Guide to Self-Mastery

  • Leadership maturity, impact, and effectiveness

  • Decision making

  • Communication and influencing skills

Let us help your business today. Contact us now to start your journey.

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