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Growing with Intention

Unique to our programs is our laser-like focus on the 7 Stages of Growth companies move through as they grow. What works for your business when you have 20 employees is far different than what will work for you when you are staring at 125 employees. And even more critical to a company's success is the leader's attitude about growth.

 The 7 Stages of Growth model was developed by Founder of Origin Institute James Fischer, a research and consulting company out of Boulder, CO. The Stages in this growth model are based on a 6-year study of entrepreneurial companies in the Front Range and Silicon Valley and interviews with over 650 CEOs to understand and decipher the patterns, the behavior, and the characteristics of growth in entrepreneurial enterprises. As certified and licensed Growth Curve Strategists, we are now utilizing the stages of growth as one of the ten critical components in our consulting practice working with CEOs and their teams to make growth gratifying, predictable, and profitable. 

With this model, you can efficiently take the guesswork out of your business growth equation & determine the most effective leadership style for your business at a given time.

7 Stages of Growth X-Ray method and processes that will help you identify the most pressing challenges at a given time. Also, it identifies the solutions to the problems, plan and implement growth strategies, and be in a place where you can predict the upcoming challenges and put the necessary tools in place to mitigate the problems before they become a problem for you. We call this 'Grow With Intention.'


Our objective is to help you grow your business with intention and enjoy the abundance that you and your business deserve.


Research shows 27 challenges growing companies face. Use our complimentary 27 Challenges Assessment to identify your company's most pressing roadblocks. No strings attached.

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