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Be the Leader That Your Company Needs

How to Unlock the Code to Your Company Growth?



We Help Create Sustainable Growth


Business Coach

Don't let growing pains put you out of business

Grow with intention; and have a good time doing it!

Business Coach

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If you didn't answer yes to all three questions, we can help!

How It Works

Aligning your companies’ vision, strategy, initiatives, communication, and people


Your employees are emotionally committed to the organization and its goals


Achieve “execution excellence” to realize the best possible results your strategy and its implementation will allow


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CEO Insight Summary Scorecard to help your company’s growth gratifying, predictable, and profitable

  • Find out how you score on Leadership Competency Assessment, and Leadership Style Assessments,

  • Three faces of a leader,

  • Builder/protector ratio, and perfeformance modality



 “The Stages of Growth X-Ray™ helped me to get below the surface of our organization and see more clearly where we are excelling and what areas need more attention...I would highly recommend The Stages Growth X-Ray™ for any business who desires growth and wants a plan for how to achieve it.”

Bryson Butts, Lead Pastor, GracePoint Church

Welcome to ThriveVance.

Meet Shohreh R Aftahi, PhD,  our founder and CEO

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