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How It Works

Creating a sustainable, thriving enterprise takes time, patience and planning. Moreover, it takes practicing the art of intentionality and knowing how to navigate through the various stages of enterprise growth.


We use the Stages of Growth X-Ray™ framework, utilizing an enterprise development model known as the 7 Stages of Growth -- this unique, one-of-a-kind approach to growing a business gives you the tools and methods you need to grow your business successfully.


In a two-day workshop, we help you uncover hidden causes, creating obstacles to your company’s growth, aligning your companies’ vision, initiatives, communication, and people to supercharge performance.

Having a CEO and his/her management team participate in this powerful experience will help supercharge a company’s immune system and improve management's ability to:


Recognize and address the subtle causes of organizational trauma before it takes hold in your company


Create confidence in the management team that will have a rippling effect throughout the entire organization


Improve executive decision making by revealing the faulty assumptions that many management teams have about enterprise behavior

As a business owner who recognizes and understands these critical stages of growth you are better able to:


Initiate, manage and complete your change initiatives


Improve the outcome of your decisions


Calibrate the impact you, as a leader, have on your company's performance


Manage and advance the forces driving your company's profitability


Resonate and respond to the hidden agents influencing your work community

This is the process

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You & your executive team will complete the diagnostics assessments*

CEO debrief

We can help you with the implementation of changes you need


Workshop including CEO and Executives

30 day and 90 day workshop follow-up

We will review the outcome of the workshop with you

* Diagnostic Assessments:

  • Core Data Assessment identification of Past, Current, and Future Stage of Growth

    • Completed by CEO

  • Builder/Protector Ratio Online Assessment

    • Completed by CEO and Leadership Team

  • 27 Challenges Exercise/27 Strengths Exercise Online 

    • Completed by CEO and Leadership Team

  • Non-Negotiable Leadership Rules, Current, and two previous stages of growth Online Assessment     

    • Completed by CEO and Leadership Team

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