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Step One:     The Consultation

After taking a look through the various programs and assessments we offer, we start by setting up an initial meeting with you and Shohreh to get to know one another both personally and professionally. This opportunity will allow you to convey your thoughts around where you and your organization are versus where you want to be. We discuss your strengths, as well as your current challenges, both internal to your organization and external based on your given environment and industry. 


Through this conversation, both you and Shohreh will have a better understanding as to how to best partner together to turn your goals into reality. Whether it be one of our assessments, signature coaching programs, consulting services, or a custom program uniquely structured for your needs, we use this initial meeting to develop a road map to begin your journey with ThriveVance and start creating solutions together.

Step Two:     The Work

And now for the bread and butter of our time together! "The work" generally varies as no two clients are the same. Dependent upon the program you have chosen or developed, Shohreh will work with you and your colleagues (including relevant executives, employees, etc.) to develop a strategic plan for your organization to achieve its long-sought goals. We begin by establishing common ground and an open channel of communication with all parties involved, garnering insights, opinions, and thoughts related to the work at hand. From there, we identify and assess existing risks and develop the tools to mitigate them. After surveying the existing tools, systems and strengths you have at your disposal, we will be equipped to understand what needs to be developed, scaled, or acquired.  Whether it be executive or leadership training and development, human capital management, ERP systems, compliance, financial modeling,  your solutions will be bespoke to your needs, in your space, on your time. 


We work on-site with you to help move beyond recommendations to achieve long-term improvement and measurable, bottom-line results through operational transformations, reorganization, human capital optimization, sales optimization, and new strategies. We help strengthen and align leadership, transform processes, optimize management practices and, in particular, build capabilities supplemented by supportive coaching. By working side-by-side, we add a vital new dimension to the traditional consulting work. We partner closely with you to help deliver lasting results, measurable improvements in productivity, cost, quality, and profitability. 























ThriveVance Implementation has delivered successful results in hundreds of projects. As part of our practical, results-oriented approach, we carefully track key performance indicators (KPIs) and help clients establish effective performance management practices. We work directly with you and staff at all levels to help develop new skills and become home-grown implementation experts—an approach that ensures companies sustain improvement long after the project ends.



Our approach to implementation is deep-rooted in building capabilities. We know how to build the technical and leadership skills needed for you to achieve and sustain the new way of working. Our assessments pinpoint the specific skills required, and from there we design a tailored capability building program that delivers the skills necessary to the right people.


Every project is different, so we customize the configuration, the intensity, and duration of support according to the unique needs of each phase of the project. Before implementation begins, we work with you to design programs that fit their unique circumstances. We also identify and manage potential roadblocks and risk factors. From there, we develop the right blueprint for our clients. We provide start-to-finish assistance, working with you as long as needed to achieve the desired results.

Step Three:     The Results


We don't just work side-by-side with you throughout the process, we give a toolbox to take with you beyond your journey with ThriveVance so that when we leave, your results don't

At ThriveVance, we have no interest in coming into your space, handing you answers, and walking out the door. What sets our business apart from the rest is our delicate and intentional blend of consulting and coaching, ensuring focus is spent on not only the organization, but also its people. We work in the trenches with you to identify your risks, and to develop the requisite skills and tools to mitigate them. When our time together is done, our goal is to see you and your organization continue to grow the results we achieved together, on your own, knowing that what was seemingly unattainable before is now comfortably sitting in sight. That is what we at ThriveVance call, sustainable results.

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