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Our assessment and development tools help you fulfill the promise of training

What is the biggest threat to the success of learning and development programs?

Is it your content? Or your delivery? Is it the classroom environment?

It's actually none of those.

It's  the existing habits that people already have, related to the skills you're helping them improve.

If there is no follow-up practice adn coacing once people have been introduced to new skills, the odds of them actually applying them on the job are almost ZERO.

We know. We've been there. We understand the frustration you feel when you invest in an outstanding training program and later find out that participants don't use the skills back on the job.

Coaching On-Demand, powered by Strong for Performance* & Insight 20/20 Gold* is an

assessment and development tool that helps you create lasting changes in behavior, achieving the ROI your clients expect.

How will your ORGANIZATION benefit from Coaching On-Demand?

Improve leadership skills, and results through others

An effective tool that helps your employees shift from knowing ABOUT a skill to USING the skill on the job.

COD Powered by S4P provides 2 essential elements missing form most online or classroom trainings: FOLLOW-UP and ACCOUNTABILITY

The program combines virtual coaching with a proven 3 step process for practicing new skills to:

  • Develop More Effective Leaders. Gain new tools and confidence to break through limitations, as well as skills to energize, persuade, inspire and connect with their employees, clients, and everyone in the company.

  • Build Capability. Learn skills, practices, and tools that allow them to master their domain, prioritize their efforts towards maximum results and get more out of their time.

  • Develop Strategists. Learn how the best business minds strategize and develop a path to realize strategy consistently.

  • Achieve Goals. Employees will acquire more energy, more vitality, and more accountability to stay committed to organizational objectives and deliver consistent results.

  • Anticipate Change. Become the master of their emotions. Tap into courage, strength, passion, and confidence to always stay on top of their game.

  • Become a Disruptor. Harness innovation to stay ahead of their competitors.

DEVELOPMENT TOOL: Coaching On-Demand powered by Strong for Performance

Improve leadership skills and results through others

To create lasting improvements on the job, people need practice, coaching and feedback. The Strong for Performance platform delivers this.


Participants receive 24/7 access to a unique set of resources that reinforce what they should be doing. You can customize the program for groups of participants, so they access only the resources you want them to see – plus, you can add links to your own custom content!

  • Access to a wealth of multi-media content

  • A proven three-steps process that rewires the brain for a new skill

  • Accountability through online interactions with support coaches

  • Progress checks by requesting feedback from stakeholders



Watch this video to learn more

The ASSESSMENT Tool:  20/20 Insight GOLD


Assessment is the first step to improved performance. Our 360/survey software makes it a snap to gather feedback about individual, team or organization performance so you can focus your resources on the greatest need. You start with a baseline survey, survey again later during follow-up, and then compare the two sets of results to measure performance improvements.


20/20 Insight GOLD’s customization capability makes it possible to use a single tool for several applications:

  • Needs analysis

  • Pre-training assessment to identify initial skill levels

  • Leader and individual contributor development

  • Team and organizational effectiveness

  • Employee engagement

  • Customer satisfaction



Watch this video to learn more

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